Guaranteed Anxiety Relief

I help busy professionals with high anxiety achieve calm, clarity, and energy, avoid medication side effects, and implement a trigger management plan, worry-free in 60 days.

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Private, Remote, Consultation = Stress-Free Coaching

At Gliddon Health and Wellness Consults LLC, you can get remote health and wellness coaching anywhere in the world. My remote consultation service allows you to make appointments at a time that suits you, wherever you feel comfortable. The result? A relaxed environment that allows for complete, stress-free ...

.... and Stress-Free Healing

Do you feel fatigued or even paralyzed by anxiety? How about a racing heart, chest tightness, panic attacks or other symptoms? My 7-Pillar Anti-Anxiety Program gives you the methods and modalities to overcome all triggers and any barriers. I can show exactly how strengthening your inner sage will help your mind, ...


Wellness Services - Click Below for Practice Better platform

Wellness Services - Click Below for Practice Better platform

Free 15-Minute Discovery Call

This phone call is to get acquainted and determine if your anxiety issues are amenable to coaching and alternative modalities delivered …
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Remote Health and Wellness Consults

Consults are 1-on-1, 60-minute calls conducted remotely on Zoom. My signature 7-Pillar process guides you through unique anxiety triggers …
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Essential Oil Formulation Class

If you spend a lot of time exposed to the sun, then you know how it harms your skin. My essential oil formulation class is a 1-on-1, …
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Download my “5 Tips for Daily Calm”


  • 1:1 Health Consultations
  • Private, Live, and Remote
  • Friendly, Relaxed Coaching
  • Signature, Anti-Anxiety Program
  • Trigger and Symptom Management
  • Beliefs/Spiritual Empathy
  • Constitution/Personal Exploration
  • Lifestyle/Movement Innovation
  • Work/Profession Navigation
  • Nutrition/Nutrient Activation
  • Medication Therapy Assessment
  • Holistic Herbal Alternatives
  • Achieve Calm, Clarity, and Energy
  • Avoid Medication Side Effects
  • Non-Judgemental, Sensitive, Advocate