Reid Gliddon

Reid Gliddon, BS-Pharmacy, MS-Health Administration, Herbalist and Anxiety Coach

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BS-Pharmacy, University of Wisconsin-Madison

MS-Health Administration, University of Colorado at Denver


Rawfork Holistic Herbal Training Program, Rawfork, LLC, Brooklyn, NY;

Smoking Cessation Training Program, USC;

Diabetes Care Post-Graduate Training Program, NCPA;

Pharmacy-Based Lipid Management, APhA;

Immunization Certificate Program, CPhA;

Pharmacy-Based Immunization Delivery, APhA;

Yellow Fever Vaccine: Information for Health Care Professional Advising Travelers, CDC;

Comprehensive Contraceptive Education and Training for the Prescribing Pharmacist, OSU (Oregon State University)

Teaching Experience

Adjunct Assistant Professor of Pharmacy Practice, University of Southern California School of Pharmacy, Los Angeles, CA, 1989-2012;

Clinical Assistant Professor of Pharmacy, Western University of Health Sciences School of Pharmacy, Pomona, CA, 2003-2012.

Further information on courses, copyrights, publications, projects, and resume for Mr. Gliddon are detailed on his LinkedIn personal page.

Reid specializes in medication therapy management, vitamin supplementation, and communicable disease prevention with 30+ years of experience as a pharmacist. However, he is practicing as an herbalist and coach for Gliddon Health and Wellness Consults LLC, and not as a pharmacist. His pharmacy education and experience serve as background qualificaitons as an herbalist and health care provider.

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